Who We Are:
We are professional business advisors with specific training in machine and equipment appraisal.  As Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers, CMEAs, we provide certified appraisals for business owners and their lenders, accountants and attorneys to be used for capital financing, tax related matters, business valuations, mergers and acquisitions and an assortment of other applications.
We are members of a national and international network of appraisers, the NEBB Institute, so we can assist with your appraisal needs almost anywhere in the world. In addition to appraising equipment, we assist with the disposition of machinery and equipment or entire businesses as going concerns.  Hatteras Appraisal Services is a member of The Hatteras Group, and with that affiliation we can provide business brokerage and M&A services when business owners are ready to sell their company.  Machine appraisals are often a part of business valuations which are available from The Hatteras Group.  See www.hatterasgroup.com for more details regarding those services.